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Thank God it’s Good Friday! And just when I figured y’all had given up soliciting my mixology advice for Lent, lookie what one loyal reader emailed in:

Dear Mrs. Sean,

Ideas for an Easter brunch cocktail/punch thing? We’re doing a Low Country menu for 15 people, main dishes being kick-ass gumbo, shrimp creole, country ham, cole slaw, salad (?!?), biscuits and sausage gravy. Past years’ beverages have included sangria and various champagne cocktail things in punch bowls. We’re hunting for something with Low Country relevance that will be OK for us and appropriate for others of various shapes and sizes, and at 11am on a Sunday.

Now, I’m nothing if not sacrilegious, punny, and a little tipsy right now — that last one on account of my enjoying the heck out of Jesus’ Deathday slurping down some Passionfruit of the Christ Punch, which is what I’ve come up with for said loyal reader. I know that God only blesses those who are humble… but godammit, I done invented some awesome, yum punch! (God also blessed the poor in spirit, and considering my apartment contains about $800 in spirits, I’m screwed anyway.)

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I’m not the most romantic gal. I don’t need my drink to be pink just because it’s Valentine’s Day; a well-made Manhattan will always do just fine. (This was confirmed on Friday night, when my husband and I went out for an early V-Day round of rye perfect Manhattans at the original P.J. Clarke’s — specifically so we could gawk at this guy; the hubs has not stopped gushing about his “bartender mancrush” since.)

What I wanted to make for today’s cocktail was a concoction that simultaneously embraces and flouts every V-Day cliche on sale at Rite Aid: The pink, the chocolate, the faux-coyness, the girly-girlyness, etc. What I came up with is, in effect, a chocolate and blood orange Bellini. It’s quite palatable and easy-downing; it’s nothing too rough/jaded/forward but it’s still got complexity; and it’ll getcha toasted long before you realize just how toasted you are.

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